Professional Jacket & Handbag Designer

Denise C. Anderson

Be the center of attention when you wear eye-catching jackets from Ethnic Symmetry in Baltimore, Maryland. I am known for my signature style of creating a look for sophisticated and chic women who dares to be different.

I have always had an obsessive drive to be creative by blending different fabric textures and colors. In fact, all of my designs are considered to be a wearable art by women. In my entire masterpiece collection, I am very pleased when I see my creation come alive on the runway or when someone notices me walking down the street wearing the jacket. 

Personalized Service

Your satisfaction is my utmost priority. Thus, I can help you pick the best jacket that best reflects your personality and sense of style. I also make sure to stock the latest items before putting them on sale.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

From products to services, I go the extra mile to give you only the best. My passion for what I do sets me apart from my competitors. Once I commit with you, I make sure to execute and deliver all of your requests swiftly and efficiently.

Mark of Excellence

Ethnic Symmetry in Baltimore, Maryland is a former member of the National Association of Fashion Accessory Designers (NAFAD). I take pride in winning several design awards on the East Coast for designing well-designed jackets suitable for women.

Offering Top-Quality Jackets

In every wearable art I create, I aim to provide quality jackets for women that exceed their expectations. Thus, I only use the best fabrics and designs in the fashion industry. To learn more about my collection, contact me right away via email.

Considering Your Needs

I will listen to your needs, and will go out of my way to find exactly what you're looking for. In everything I do, I make sure to provide you with honest and reliable services all the time.